Made in the USA.

Max RaZy's Backstory

Sharon Pike: Designer

Hello, I am Sharon Pike, Designer, Creator and Owner of All Things Max Razy.

My love of fashion and clothing began very early on in my life, I learned skills working along side  my mother and aunt.  Over the years I dabbled in making my own clothing and eventually came to work with Salaam Clothing Company of Vermont where my passion for fashion took hold.  During this time I was able to channel my love of designing and sewing into a lifestyle.  After spending years under the wings of my mentors, I took the big step and built a sewing studio in my home.  I refined my skills by revamping designs that were already popular by putting my own spin on them. I showed my work to friends and family, and soon Max Razy Styles took on a life of its own.  

Still, I wanted to make my own mark.  Build something great.  Create my own legacy.  I was encouraged to step outside that box and design  styles that had never been done.

I found inspiration on the sidewalks of Vermont.  At Barre Heritage Festival, I starting chatting with a woman wearing a stunning outfit, she was in a wheelchair, dancing away to my husbands band “Contagious”. During our conversation she shared some of the challenges she faced getting dressed, which got me thinking. 

Why should I just make clothes for the able bodied, Max Razy Styles are made for “every body” 

The best of Max RaZy’s designs came into being after I realized that art should not be confined to convention.  

Fashion for me is an art form, an expression of one’s true “SELF”.  Clothing provides an outlet to explore all the elements that make us look and feel our best .  It is my passion to create collections that “Inspire” both the wearer and the admirer.  When we dress for our best selves that is what comes through.  I would like to personally invite you to step into your “Best Self” with Max Razy Styles.