Our Story

About Sharon Pike:

I’ve been sewing since I was 8 years old, always adding my own style to clothes made by my mom. I am an immigrant from Belize.  I had a life-changing opportunity when I met the wonderful founders of Salaam Clothing. They took me under their wings and were the ones to invite me to attend a FAME show in Manhattan with them a few years later. It was my first show and I remember that when they came to Queens NY to pick me up, they arrived in a gray van full of clothing from the show.  That was my first real glimpse into the world of fashion. I was captivated by it. So, I joined them in Vermont to be their office guru and help them with paperwork.

I bought myself a cheap sewing machine because I just had to sew. I would sew clothing for my grandbabies who were very intrigued with the entire process of how Mimi makes them clothes. My grandson loves to operate the foot pedal, and a granddaughter loves to sit in my lap while holding the pattern pieces for me. She also loves to disappear with my scissors and patterns to create her own designs and teach me a lesson about properly storing my patterns when not in use. My other granddaughter started to ask for labels on her clothes so she can identify front from back. That became the start of the Max RaZy label.

I am 5’ 3”, curvy, with broad shoulders, and have always purchased larger clothes, and cut them down to fit my “shulk” shape.  I continued to design, make, and wear my own clothes and people would stop me to compliment them.

My husband would start conversations about the fact that I made what I was wearing. One day, a friend, who sells clothes asked me about what brand I was wearing, and I responded that it was just something I sewed. She commissioned some pieces from me so that she could sell them at her pop-ups and introduced Max RaZy Styles to others. She brought me out of my comfort zone, and into designing different styles.

My employer also used a few of my styles and found them to be bestsellers for her brand. She encouraged me to keep going and has been a mentor for my Max RaZy journey. 

Here we are today, Easy to wear layers, Max RaZy, Styles for your curves